Aquatic weeds can be a real pain in the….. Well we don’t have to go there, but we have heard many different terms. Aquatic vegetation left unchecked can be detrimental to the beauty of your pond, limits angling opportunities, and decreased boating.  Coincidentally, weeds utilize nutrients that phytoplankton need, in return benefiting your pond with food.

Vegetation can be your friend when managed properly. Stands of native vegetation covering less than 20% of your total ponds area, is very beneficial for habitat. Managing zones of vegetation provides habitat for newly hatched fish to survive and mature for future enjoyment. Creating the next generation of fish to replace this leaving the system.

Vegetation is just like any plant it has 3 basic needs: sunlight, nutrients, and temperature to thrive. Take one out of the equation and it can be properly managed. Vegetation can also tell you about the overall health of your ecosystem, like abundance of phosphorus. Knowing what method or product to control a certain species of aquatic weed is critical. What works in one pond may not work in another pond. Improper usage can result in the death of fish and other beneficial critters in the ponds ecosystem.

Once identified, a treatment strategy may be outlined to rid your pond of these noxious pests. This may include the application of herbicide, mechanical, stocking grass carp, or all three. We will guide you during the decision process on what method(s) are needed and most cost effective to provide the return you desire.


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