One of the greatest rewards of owning a pond is the ability to catch quality fish right in your backyard. That does not come without fisheries management preceded by proper planning. Twin Oaks Ponds biologists will work with any pond owner to make sure the proper tools are in place so your pond can sustain a quality fishery.

Twin Oaks Ponds provides our clients with fish to stock, consulting, and management assessments/fish surveys to assist in developing a quality fishery in their lake or pond!


  • Basic Fish Survey
  • Age Structure Survey
  • Population Estimates
  • Complete Fish Survey
  • Fish Removal
  • Permit and License Requirements


Twin Oaks Ponds builds, designs, and installs fish structure for lakes and ponds.  We have many options available including hardwood cribs, plastic cribs, and natural materials.

There are many benefits of adding a fish structure to a lake or pond:

  • Provides woody hard surfaced spawning structure for many common fish species including perch, crappie, bass, and several minnow species.
  • Provides needed structure (habitat) to help keep your fishery in balance by offering protection to forage fish.
  • Increases growth rates of predator fish.
  • Adult forage (prey) fish have protection to  reach spawning age, which increases the density of young minnows and panfish that are easily preyed upon by predators.
  • Increases overall fish carrying capacity of your water body.


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