Our fish come from expert fish farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and beyond. This allows us to find exceptional fish, increasing availability, and offering a multiple of fish species. We strive to find the best for you.

Our stocking is not centered on quantity but quality and that meets the fish management plan.  We are focusing on results and building relationship that will last for years with our clients. We want to see smiles and hear about the adventures you had fishing for that bass, catfish, or trout.

As you know theres standard stocking and then theres the plan we came up with for you. That suited for you and only you. The following are fish we stock, call us to discuss more about how we can stock your pond or lake.

Its your pond and we loved to help make memories and create an experience that will be talked for generations. Besides who wouldn’t to come over and enjoy some fishing. The fun will be relived for weeks!

Call, email, or text us if you just started thinking about building a pond. We have some tips to help you to think on what habitat to use for optimizing it for the fish. You will have a great ecosystem, contact us and we would be glad to talk.


 Forage Fish

Copper-nosed Bluegill

Fathead Minnow


Golden Shiners

Threadfin Shad



Game Fish


Native Largemouth Bass

Florida Largemouth Bass

Channel Catfish

Black Crappie

Hybrid Stripers

Hybrid Sunfish

Hybrid Crappie

Specialty Fish

Triploid Grass Carp

Coming Soon


Rainbow Trout