Fish stocking is not a new process. It goes back to early times, but more recently as a way to supplement an existing population, over exploited fishery in public waters. Stocking private ponds & lakes requires research, time, knowledge of the area to ensure proper stocking and banned fish are not stocked. Do it right the first time and a fisheries biologist is your best asset.

Stocking Services

Like with all things, a plan increases success by 85%. Understanding the species, its tendencies, and requirements to live are important for long-term success. We have done all that and can give you recommendations that accomplish your goals.

The type of fishery is determined by water quality, goals, lake size, and many other variables. Smaller ponds need more attention to detail and have special considerations, but even larger lakes need the same amount of attention. Main difference is stocking rates and management of that body of water.

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you in giving recommendation on stocking your lake or pond to meet your goals. Whether its immediate fishing, 2-3 year, or 4 year plan. We tailor it towards you. Supplemental stocking for those established fisheries varies based on current status, budget, and size of the pond or lake.

Do you have a new pond or lake? We can provide you with initial stocking plan. For those with existing population, doing a fish population analysis then comparing to your goals will direct course of action that’s beneficial.

We love to stock popular game fish, but enjoy outside the normal thinking when stocking fish. Whether its native bass, hybrid strippers, feed trained bass, bluegill, your covered. Stocking rates, timing, and ecosystem approach ensure we get a fishery that is healthy and robust with minimal assistance.

Fish can be delivered throughout the year to your lake or pond. We work continually to make sure your goals are meet and your satisfied.

Let Twin Oaks Ponds work for you. We do fish stocking, so your pond or lake has a successful fishery.