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The TEXAS AVENGER fish feeder is the easiest fish feeder in the industry to mount to a dock or an inclined bank of a pond. No assembly required. The solar panel is pre-mounted and the leg support system is already in place. Simply install the included 12V battery and add fish food.

The patent pending leg system on this fish feeder allows the feeder to be rotated left and right and also allows the feeder to adjust to the incline of a pond’s sloped bank. It features THE-TIMER and comes equipped with a 12 volt solar panel and rechargable 12 volt battery.

The fish food is thrown up and out away from the bank or dock.

The TEXAS AVENGER holds 2 bags of fish food.

This feeder will only ship by freight truck so call for freight rates.

Retails for $899.00



More than a stump in a field, our BIG OAK FEEDER™ holds 200 pounds of corn and propels corn or other feed up to 20 yards.

BIG OAK FEEDER aren’t just for deer. Set it up on the shore and use it to feed your fish, bring in the birds, or give your game a protein boost.

A great companion to our HERO™, the BIG OAK FEEDER™ is a durable, easy-to-use feeder with a realistic bark texture design that blends into the natural surroundings.

Otional Remote

Realistic Bark

Retail: $1295



Optimal Fish Food was built out of collaboration between scientist, aquaculturist, and lake management professionals. We are proud to have been on the ground floor of this revolutionary feed brand. If you are interested in growing healthy fish quickly with minimal waste Optimal Fish Food is your only true choice.

Crude Protein – not less than 40%
Crude Fat – not less than 10%
Crude Fiber – not more than 4%
Phosphorous – not less than 0.75%
Ash – not more than 8%
Three options to meet your fisheries needs, single bag, 1/2 pallet, or full pallet delivered to your door or by us.
Optimal JR Bluegill Pond Feed
Optimal Bluegill Pond Feed
Optimal Bass Pond Feed
Call 903-718-0505 to get your fish food delivered to your door.