Electrofishing surveys can be an excellent tool used to manage a lake. An electrofishing boat uses a specific voltage and amperage to stun fish within a given area. This process may sound easy however, there are many variables that will determine the success of a survey. These variables include conductivity, temperature, water clarity and color, time of the year, plant density, and weather. If conditions are right then electrofishing can be an efficient way of determining fish species and density.

Initial consult discussing past fish stocking, current concerns about the lake, and most importantly conductivity analysis. On the day of the survey target fish species will be weighed, measured, and examined for general condition. Other species will be counted and relative abundance determined. Fish stomach content analysis and tagging can be done as requested. Following the survey a detailed report will be written to explain the current condition of the lake and any future recommendations.

Please email me at joshua@twinoaksponds.com to see if electrofishing is what your pond or lake needs.