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October 2015

Windy Hills adds Aeration to pond


Already serviced monthly by Twin Oaks Pond & Lake Consulting the board of Windy Hills Farm wanted to take proactive steps toward healthy, muck free pond near the condos. Today we installed an Airmax PS30 bottom-diffused aeration system in their pond.

Windy Hills adds Aeration to pond2020-02-17T16:42:49-06:00

June 2015

Water Quality


“Water Quality” monitoring is a key in a lake or pond management program. Understanding the chemical and biological parameters, demand, and interactions with in your waterbody is essential. Understand the results, interpreting, and knowledge of tools to that can be used in implementing a program that brings your water quality into balance and makes it [...]

Water Quality2017-03-17T08:55:13-05:00

February 2015

Can snow make water if snow could make water?


In the last 24hrs most of the south has been inundated with snow, for most Christmas came late. As I sat watching the snowfall, my phone rang. It was the storm shelter guy. We were discussing installation of the new storm shelter, but due to natures timing of snow and rain. We will be waiting [...]

Can snow make water if snow could make water?2020-02-17T16:45:14-06:00