March 2017

Dynamic Interactions of Pond Management


Dynamic Interactions of Pond Management Your pond is not created them same, even though it may have been built in the same manner as the one next door. A pond in North Texas will be different than one in south Texas, but even more noticeably is the two ponds built on the same property. The [...]

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October 2016

Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society 2016


Annual Conference Update Tapatio Springs Resort & Spa Boerne, Texas   A second year in a row we had the great pleasure of staying at Tapatio Springs Resort & Spa, a great facility to bring your significant other to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately this year my wife and daughter couldn’t attend the conference with [...]

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February 2016

November 2015

Aeration for Lakes and Ponds


Twin Oaks Ponds offering Aeration Services Oxygen is the single most important water quality parameter there is when it comes to managing your lake or pond. The sufficient amount of oxygen varies from pond to pond and lake to lake. Much of it centers on the biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) and water temperature.  Twin Oaks [...]

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October 2015

Windy Hills adds Aeration to pond


Already serviced monthly by Twin Oaks Pond & Lake Consulting the board of Windy Hills Farm wanted to take proactive steps toward healthy, muck free pond near the condos. Today we installed an Airmax PS30 bottom-diffused aeration system in their pond.

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June 2015

Water Quality


“Water Quality” monitoring is a key in a lake or pond management program. Understanding the chemical and biological parameters, demand, and interactions with in your waterbody is essential. Understand the results, interpreting, and knowledge of tools to that can be used in implementing a program that brings your water quality into balance and makes it [...]

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