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About Twin Oaks Ponds

Twin Oaks Ponds was founded by fisheries and wildlife resources expert, Joshua Flowers, to facilitate the growing need for adequate management of lakes, farm ponds, storm water retention ponds and the preservation of our natural water and man-made resources.

Every lake has story to tell—its a living multi-functional ecosystem emerged in an aquatic environment. Overtime and with out proper lake management, these lakes become dysfunctional ecosystems.

We help clients understand their lake or ponds story. In some cases its relatively easy, but some require more intensive investigating. Finding out what’s going on can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

Currently, we are assisting clients at in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis, North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma.

Our specialties include Lake Management, Fisheries Management, Aeration Design, Water Quality, and Aquatic Vegetation Management.

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